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Help Please!! just diagnosed hsv2 - is quickclear a scam?

Hi hope someone can shed some light on this,. ive just been diagnosed 3 days ago with hsv2. i had two tiny blisters on my upper butt cheek. the doctor told me is hsv2. he has given me valtrex to take one a day as a suppression .

i have been searching everything on the net like a maniac. i found the website about quickclear - of course i ordered a three month supply of capsules - have i just wasted my money on false hope? if i only had such a small outbreak is it possible that this stuff could help me or is it a scam?

please be honest in your response and not a company rep for the said company. regards

Hi ive noticed 13 people have looked here but nobody has posted whether they have tried it.. if you have genuinely tried it, please let me know. regards

If it is a scam, at least they have an 180 day money back guarantee. Get your money back.
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