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Guitar chords for hymns

I've recently fallen in love with hymns and old gospel choruses again, so I'm wondering if anyone has the chords for the following hymns (I've googled them with no success):
O To Be Like Thee
Down at the Cross (Glory to His Name)
Savior, Like a Shepherd, Lead Us
In Thanksgiving Let Us Praise Him
The links go to cyberhymnal for the lyrics and MIDI.
The lyrics for "In Thanksgiving Let Us Praise Him" aren't on Cyberhymnal, so I've put them below:
From the first bright light of morning
To the last warm glow of dusk;
Every breath we take is sacred,
For it is God's gift to us.
In thanksgiving, let us praise him;
In thanksgiving, let us sing Songs of praise and adoration
To our gracious Lord and King.

I don't think either of these sites have the songs you're looking for, but if you want to play hymns, they'll definitely help!
Here is a link that I found useful to learn old hymns. http://www.mathetesco.com/hymns.htm
Well, it looks like the list doesn't have the specific hymns you mentioned. But the other hymns are worth trying out too
By the way, I'm new to CGR forums. Greetings to everyone in the name of our Lord Jesus!
Glorify the Lord!
great sites - you can also try below for the last two hymns:
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